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I talk to companies, I try to get them interested in LiteCoin to support it.The Litecoin Project was conceived and created by Charles Lee with support of members in the Bitcoin community.Charlie Lee of Litecoin and Coinbase fame was in the house tonight.Charlie Lee is one of the more honest developers we have seen in some time.Cross-chain atomic swaps may eventually remove the need for exchange platforms altogether.It is evident there will be multiple successful cryptocurrencies in the long run.

Founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, tweeted Friday that he will no longer be working for Coinbase.

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Litecoin creator and Coinbase Director of Engineering Charlie Lee Speaks About the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) on Litecoin.It is the same as the Lightning Network concept but suited for Litecoin instead of Bitcoin.Litecoin users are quite happy about the way things are going.

Charlie Lee, the Litecoin Developer speaks out about Segregated Witness on Litecoin.About Us Disclaimer Contact Us Copyright 2014 - Future Money Trends.Litecoin creator Charlie Lee tweeted that the leading Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges OKCoin and.In one of his recent tweets, Lee mentioned how LTC will slowly but surely mourn.LOL I am as racist as the next (white) guy but this always on China crap is stupid.The future is looking pretty interesting for LTC, to say the least.

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But despite the disappointment, interest in the currency is growing.

charlie lee | Bitcoin Ninja And then you said LiteCoin was the silver to BitCoin kind of, but do these currencies, are they competitors, or is it the ultimate goal for BitCoin not to be the Coca Cola and LiteCoin to be the Pepsi, but for LiteCoin to be the more heavily used Now I know china is a big buyer of gold and silver and Chinese citizens.

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Charlie Lee Potentially Enforcing Litecoin SegWit Activation Has. he can still force SegWit activation for litecoin.So from my point of view BitCoin and LiteCoin is like a better version of gold and silver.

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He is leaving the company to focus on his brainchild creation, Litecoin.

Charlie Lee: Litecoin and all crypto currencies all need good.

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Litecoin creator Charlie Lee meets fans at BTCC-organized events in China. Charlie Lee, the creator of litecoin,.

Charlie Lee Resigns From Coinbase to Focus on Litecoin How do you feel about the Chinese government in general.

More specifically, Litecoin activated Segregated Witness well before Bitcoin did.Andy Hoffman is back on the show to talk about Bitcoin, precious metals, Miles Franklin, cryptocurrency, and other.Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, the most popular alternative currency to Bitcoin, which Charlie created as a side project in 2011 while working at Google.Interesting things are happening in the Litecoin ecosystem right now.